Friday, January 10, 2014

Animals Abuse: Raising Awareness

While there has been some media coverage on animal abuse, it is not enough to demonstrate how often it is happening.  Animal abuse is happening everywhere, every day.  Since most cases are not reported, animals are being abused and neglected for long periods of time, sometimes leading to their deaths.  Although there is no type of national report, there are still several statistics available from the reports that have been made.  

The most common victims in the reported animal abuse cases have been:
o   64.5% involved dogs
o   18% involved cats
o   25% involved other animals
o   25% of the cases reported in the past years have involved pit bull type dogs

 Reports have shown an astounding number of animals have been abused by abusive partners each year.  

Most reports that have been made have been from people who were curious about their neighbor’s actions.  Keeping an open eye in your neighborhood can save an animal’s life.  If a pet looks weak with untreated scars, chances are they are being neglected.  If you notice an animal out in the bitter cold with no type of shelter, call your officials; it may save the pet’s life. 

Source: Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics: